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JFlex::Emitter Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class manages the actual code generation, putting the scanner together, filling in skeleton sections etc.

Table compression, String packing etc. is also done here.

Gerwin Klein
JFlex 1.3.5,
2001/10/08 10:07:59

Definition at line 37 of file Emitter.java.

Public Member Functions

void emit ()
 Emitter (File inputFile, LexParse parser, DFA dfa) throws IOException

Static Public Member Functions

static File normalize (String name, File path, File input)
static URL toURL (File file) throws MalformedURLException

Static Public Attributes

static File directory

Static Package Attributes

static final int maxSize = 0xFFFF-6

Private Member Functions

void emitActions ()
void emitAttributes ()
void emitCharMapArray ()
void emitCharMapArrayUnPacked ()
void emitCharMapInitFunction ()
void emitClassCode ()
void emitClassName ()
void emitConstructorDecl ()
void emitDefaultTransition (int state, int nextState)
void emitDoEOF ()
void emitDynamicInit ()
void emitDynamicInitFunction ()
void emitDynInitHead (int chunk)
void emitEOFVal ()
void emitGetRowMapNext ()
void emitHeader ()
void emitLexFunctHeader ()
void emitLexicalStates ()
void emitMain ()
void emitNextInput ()
void emitNoMatch ()
void emitPushback ()
void emitRowMap ()
void emitScanError ()
void emitState (int state)
void emitTransition (int state, int nextState)
void emitTransitionTable ()
void emitUserCode ()
void emitYYTrans ()
String escapify (String s)
void findActionStates ()
int getDefaultTransition (int state)
void print (int i, int tab)
void print (int i)
void print (String line)
void println (int i)
void println (String line)
void println ()
void printUC (int i)
void reduceColumns ()
void reduceRows ()
void transformTransitionTable ()
int UTF8Length (int value)

Private Attributes

boolean[] colKilled
int[] colMap
int currentIntervall
DFA dfa
File inputFile
CharClassIntervall[] intervalls
boolean isTransition []
CharSet noTarget []
int numCols
int numRows
int numTableChunks
PrintWriter out
LexParse parser
boolean[] rowKilled
int[] rowMap
LexScan scanner
Skeleton skel
CharSet table [][]

Static Private Attributes

static final String date = (new SimpleDateFormat()).format(new Date())
static final int FINAL = 1
static final int LOOKEND = 4
static final int NOLOOK = 8
static final int PUSHBACK = 2

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