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JFlex::NFA Class Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

NFA representation in JFlex.

Contains algorithms RegExp -> NFA and NFA -> DFA.

Gerwin Klein
JFlex 1.3.5,
2001/10/08 10:08:03

Definition at line 34 of file NFA.java.

Public Member Functions

void addEpsilonTransition (int start, int dest)
void addRegExp (int regExpNum)
void addStandaloneRule ()
void addTransition (int start, int input, int dest)
IntPair complement (IntPair nfa)
String dotFormat ()
void dumpTable ()
DFA getDFA ()
IntPair insertClassNFA (Vector intervalls)
IntPair insertLetterNFA (char letter)
IntPair insertNFA (RegExp regExp)
IntPair insertNotClassNFA (Vector intervalls)
IntPair insertStringNFA (String letters)
 NFA (int numInput, LexScan scanner, RegExps regExps, Macros macros, CharClasses classes)
 NFA (int numInput)
String toString ()
void writeDot (File file)

Package Attributes

Action[] action
CharClasses classes
StateSet[] epsilon
boolean[] isFinal
boolean[] isPushback
Macros macros
int numInput
int numLexStates
int numStates
RegExps regExps
LexScan scanner
StateSet[][] table

Private Member Functions

StateSet closure (StateSet startStates)
StateSet closure (int startState)
boolean containsFinal (StateSet set)
boolean containsPushback (StateSet set)
StateSet DFAEdge (StateSet start, char input)
void ensureCapacity (int newNumStates)
void epsilonFill ()
Action getAction (StateSet set)
void removeDead (int start)

Private Attributes

int _dfaStart
Vector _dfaStates
int _end
boolean[] live = new boolean [STATES]
boolean[] visited = new boolean [STATES]

Static Private Attributes

static StateSetEnumerator states = new StateSetEnumerator()
static final int STATES = 128
static StateSet tempStateSet = new StateSet()

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