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void java_cup::runtime::lr_parser::report_fatal_error ( String  message,
Object  info 
) throws java.lang.Exception [inline]

Report a fatal error. This method takes a message string and an additional object (to be used by specializations implemented in subclasses). Here in the base class a very simple implementation is provided which reports the error then throws an exception.

message an error message.
info an extra object reserved for use by specialized subclasses.

Definition at line 349 of file lr_parser.java.

References done_parsing(), and report_error().

Referenced by parse_lookahead(), and unrecovered_syntax_error().

      /* stop parsing (not really necessary since we throw an exception, but) */

      /* use the normal error message reporting to put out the message */
      report_error(message, info);

      /* throw an exception */
      throw new Exception("Can't recover from previous error(s)");

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