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void java_cup::runtime::lr_parser::parse_lookahead ( boolean  debug  )  throws java.lang.Exception [inline, protected]

Parse forward using stored lookahead Symbols. In this case we have already verified that parsing will make it through the stored lookahead Symbols and we are now getting back to the point at which we can hand control back to the normal parser. Consequently, this version of the parser performs all actions and modifies the real parse configuration. This returns once we have consumed all the stored input or we accept.

debug should we produce debugging messages as we parse.

Definition at line 1114 of file lr_parser.java.

References _done_parsing, advance_lookahead(), cur_err_token(), debug_message(), debug_reduce(), debug_shift(), do_action(), get_action(), get_reduce(), lookahead_pos, java_cup::runtime::Symbol::parse_state, production_tab, report_fatal_error(), stack, java_cup::runtime::Symbol::sym, tos, and java_cup::runtime::Symbol::used_by_parser.

Referenced by error_recovery().

      /* the current action code */
      int act;

      /* the Symbol/stack element returned by a reduce */
      Symbol lhs_sym = null;

      /* information about production being reduced with */
      short handle_size, lhs_sym_num;

      /* restart the saved input at the beginning */
      lookahead_pos = 0;

      if (debug) 
        debug_message("# Reparsing saved input with actions");
        debug_message("# Current Symbol is #" + cur_err_token().sym);
        debug_message("# Current state is #" + 

      /* continue until we accept or have read all lookahead input */
        /* current state is always on the top of the stack */

        /* look up action out of the current state with the current input */
        act = 
          get_action(((Symbol)stack.peek()).parse_state, cur_err_token().sym);

        /* decode the action -- > 0 encodes shift */
        if (act > 0)
            /* shift to the encoded state by pushing it on the stack */
            cur_err_token().parse_state = act-1;
            cur_err_token().used_by_parser = true;
            if (debug) debug_shift(cur_err_token());

            /* advance to the next Symbol, if there is none, we are done */
            if (!advance_lookahead()) 
              if (debug) debug_message("# Completed reparse");

              /* scan next Symbol so we can continue parse */
              // BUGFIX by Chris Harris <ckharris@ucsd.edu>:
              //   correct a one-off error by commenting out
              //   this next line.
              /*cur_token = scan();*/

              /* go back to normal parser */
            if (debug) 
            debug_message("# Current Symbol is #" + cur_err_token().sym);
        /* if its less than zero, then it encodes a reduce action */
        else if (act < 0)
            /* perform the action for the reduce */
            lhs_sym = do_action((-act)-1, this, stack, tos);

            /* look up information about the production */
            lhs_sym_num = production_tab[(-act)-1][0];
            handle_size = production_tab[(-act)-1][1];

            if (debug) debug_reduce((-act)-1, lhs_sym_num, handle_size);

            /* pop the handle off the stack */
            for (int i = 0; i < handle_size; i++)
            /* look up the state to go to from the one popped back to */
            act = get_reduce(((Symbol)stack.peek()).parse_state, lhs_sym_num);

            /* shift to that state */
            lhs_sym.parse_state = act;
            lhs_sym.used_by_parser = true;
            if (debug) debug_message("# Goto state #" + act);

        /* finally if the entry is zero, we have an error 
           (shouldn't happen here, but...)*/
        else if (act == 0)
            report_fatal_error("Syntax error", lhs_sym);


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