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boolean java_cup::runtime::lr_parser::find_recovery_config ( boolean  debug  )  [inline, protected]

Put the (real) parse stack into error recovery configuration by popping the stack down to a state that can shift on the special error Symbol, then doing the shift. If no suitable state exists on the stack we return false

debug should we produce debugging messages as we parse.

Definition at line 913 of file lr_parser.java.

References debug_message(), error_sym(), get_action(), java_cup::runtime::Symbol::parse_state, shift_under_error(), stack, tos, and java_cup::runtime::Symbol::used_by_parser.

Referenced by error_recovery().

      Symbol error_token;
      int act;

      if (debug) debug_message("# Finding recovery state on stack");

      /* Remember the right-position of the top symbol on the stack */
      int right_pos = ((Symbol)stack.peek()).right;
      int left_pos  = ((Symbol)stack.peek()).left;

      /* pop down until we can shift under error Symbol */
      while (!shift_under_error())
        /* pop the stack */
        if (debug) 
          debug_message("# Pop stack by one, state was # " +
          left_pos = ((Symbol)stack.pop()).left;      

        /* if we have hit bottom, we fail */
        if (stack.empty()) 
            if (debug) debug_message("# No recovery state found on stack");
            return false;

      /* state on top of the stack can shift under error, find the shift */
      act = get_action(((Symbol)stack.peek()).parse_state, error_sym());
      if (debug) 
        debug_message("# Recover state found (#" + 
                  ((Symbol)stack.peek()).parse_state + ")");
        debug_message("# Shifting on error to state #" + (act-1));

      /* build and shift a special error Symbol */
      error_token = new Symbol(error_sym(), left_pos, right_pos);
      error_token.parse_state = act-1;
      error_token.used_by_parser = true;

      return true;

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